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SIGNUP FORM 01012018

I ________________________________________ (print name) wish to participate in Recreational activities offered by Gmapa Inc., Duffy’s Adventures on Porcupine Creek in the Alaska Range on the dates listed below.

I would like to prospect for: _____ 1 day or (number or days _____ day’s) _____ 1 week _____ longer

First day: Month ___________ day ____ year _____ Last day: Month _________ day ______ year _____

Are you bringing your own equipment? ________ Equipment description: _____________________________


Will you need to use our equipment? ________ I will need: _________________________________________


(If you need to use our equipment there will be a fee which depends on the equipment type – if it is available)

FREE WEEKLY PROSPECTING: How it works: 1st: Sign the agreement; 2nd: Then go prospecting; 3rd: Bring us samples; 4th: Decide if you want to prospect longer or do larger mining. It’s that simple.* *you will need to give us the signed agreement and then show up with your small mining equipment (under 6” dredge) and supplies (all food, water and necessities) and then you may go to the claims and start prospecting for one week. At the end of one week you must bring us the bagged and labeled samples and required Miners Logs, royalty, coordinates and photos of the testing sites. If you have complied with the terms of the agreement we will, most likely, allow prospecting all summer long one week at a time. Any time you decide that you would like to mine a site with small mining equipment you will need our approval. When you decide that you would like to mine the site with larger motorized equipment we will require a new agreement which will allow you to do so after you have received the permits to mine or we may allow use of our permits. If you would like us to assist you with the permitting process we will.

Name (please print) _____________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________

City _____________________  State ________________ Zip ______________

Phone _________________ Cell _____________________ email _______________________________

My preferred contact is: Mail ___, Phone ___, Email ___.  If others are traveling with me I will list them here:

__________________________________ Age ______ | _________________________________ Age ______

__________________________________ Age ______ | _________________________________ Age ______

Attach a separate page if needed with your name, the additional names and ages and check here __________

Signature _____________________________________ Date ____________________

Mail to: Gmapa Inc. Duffy’s Adventures - PO Box 141005 - Anchorage, Alaska 99514

(907) 822-GOLD (4653) April thru September --- email: freepass@porcupinepaydirt.com

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